Long Denim Skirt Review – 90’s Craze

by Jenny

Not sure if noughties-era-inspired, long denim skirt styles are the right sartorial option for you? Don’t fret! I have been eyeing for a long time at Revolve’s virtual shelves for the most cult-favorite maxi skirt they seem to have: the long denim skirt. After strolling the city in my GRLFRND Flared Maxi Skirt for a few weeks, I can finally offer my unbiased and objective long denim skirt review.

Granted, the all-consuming fascination with micro styles has eventually come to an end, making space for another fresh-out-of-the 90’s trend: the long denim skirt! Now, that’s confirming that the fashion sphere thrives on antithesis. 

It’s not often that a single piece of clothing takes over my entire Instagram feed in a matter of days. But the warm-weather really long denim skirt staples did just that, offering an endless amount of versatility. 

Seems like we’ve officially moved into the territory of nostalgia-inducing decades. Therefore, all-encompassing body-skimming, extra-long denim skirt styles have been out in full force. And they come in every shape, color, and style imaginable. Long, ankle-length hemlines are perfect for every spring-summer occasion, whether you’re running errands on the weekend or getting drinks with your friends after work.

So let’s see if this GRLFRND long denim skirt can channel ’90s effortlessness and ease.

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Looking for a really long denim skirt to tap into the maxi jeans skirt craze? Here’s my honest GRLFRND long denim skirt review from Revolve. Black long denim skirt paired with neutral colored leather corset and feather high heels.


This really long denim skirt is crafted with 100% cotton. This explains why the fabric, though at first stiff, gets softer with use. Cotton yarn will also soften more with each washing, making the piece fluffier and more comfortable with time. Plus, because GRLFRND uses reclaimed vintage fabrics, details, and colors vary throughout to ensure that each piece is uniquely its own.

The flared silhouette of this GRLFRND Maxi Skirt accentuates my curves perfectly in the most flattering way possible. No matter your body type, a flared maxi jeans skirt can be universally flattering because it mimics an hourglass shape.

The mid-rise waist: Staying true to the ’90s-inspired pattern, this extra-long denim skirt comes with a mid-rise waist which is more comfortable and flattering than low-rise options that dominated the era.

Lastly, if you are on the hunt for a really long denim skirt then you should consider this skirt. 

PS. I chose size 26, my hips circumference is 39.4” (100 cm), my waist is 29.5” (75 cm), and I am 5 feet 11 inches tall (180 cm). It fits well.


It’s safe to say that I am absolutely in love with this floor-sweeping, really long denim skirt from GRLFRND. However, it does have its cons.

Like with most thigh-skimming maxi skirts and dresses, you can’t take very big steps. This can be an issue if you want to rock your extra-long denim skirt casually.

I actually ripped the hem about 10 centimeters to have more room to walk because I am also tall and have long legs, but I intend to rip it even higher in the future. Read below, to find my tips on altering denim.

Another potential downsized is that this skirt is a bit pricey. However, if you are planning on wearing it regularly, it can be considered a closet staple. Sure, it’s a trendy piece, but denim is never really “out.”

Below is the exact one I am wearing, plus some more of the favorites I’ve been eyeing a lot together with the one I got.

Leather Corset paired with a long denim skirt. Looking for a really long denim skirt to tap into the maxi jeans skirt craze? Here’s my honest GRLFRND long denim skirt review from Revolve.


As I mentioned before, the GRLFRND long denim skirt is hyper-versatile. This means that you can style it in a slew of different ways from day to night. 

For my look, I chose to go with another cult-favorite trend of the season: corsets. In particular, a faux leather top is also available on Revolve. 

If you identify more with the minimal side of the style spectrum, choose a naturally-hued top like I did to go with your really long denim skirt –it will never disappoint.  

About the sizing. I chose the size M with a chest circumference of 36.2” (92 cm).

For the shoes, I chose from Revolve a pair of feather heels with a square toe and a sculptural heel. The feather details add a subtle yet super-stylish statement touch to the entire extra-long denim skirt look which I absolutely love.

But … in case you haven’t noticed…

I must ‘warn’ you, that this pair consists of two slightly different shoes: One shoe has feather detail on the toe whereas the other one has feather detail around the ankle. To be honest I myself did not notice that when I picked them online and it was quite a surprise when I discovered it during unpacking. But I adapted the idea very easily and now I just adore how wearing mismatched shoes can imply that you fully accept your uniqueness, eccentricity, and quirks.

Looking for a really long denim skirt to tap into the maxi jeans skirt craze? Here’s my honest GRLFRND long denim skirt review from Revolve. Black long denim skirt paired with neutral colored leather corset and feather high heels.


Don’t be afraid to alter your jeans and denim skirts to perfectly fit your body type. It is very easy and I’ve done it many times in the past. You don’t have to do it on your own if you don’t want. It is so easily done by a professional for just a little cost.

For example, if you are looking for boyfriend jeans shorts it is a bit difficult to find a pair of really relaxed-fit wide-leg jeans shorts that also fits you perfectly on the waist. To achieve that, you must size up and then alternate it at the waist to fit you.

The same goes for long denim skirts. You can rip them on the front or at the back so high you wish, and it just gives a super sexy effect and you have a versatile all-in-one piece. You can even ‘close’ them again in the future if you find the slit is too high.


Granted, a really long denim skirt might seem intimidating to style at first. Yet, it is quite adaptable and is simple to dress up or down depending on the situation. Here are some suggestions for how to style a denim maxi skirt:

  1. Casual Look: Wear your denim maxi skirt with a plain white tank top or T-shirt. To finish the look, add a pair of relaxed sandals or sneakers.
  2. Bohemian Look: By wearing a flowy top, strappy sandals, and bohemian-inspired accessories like a fringe purse or a long pendant necklace, your denim maxi skirt can be transformed into a bohemian ensemble.
  3. Chic Look: With a fitted shirt, a striking belt, and a pair of high heels, you can dress up your denim maxi skirt. Add some bold jewelry and a clutch bag for a chic and sophisticated look.
  4. Layered Look: Layer a denim jacket or a cardigan over a top and pair it with a denim maxi skirt for a cozy yet stylish look. Complete the outfit with ankle boots or sneakers. Find here the best sneakers for 2023, plus where to buy and how to wear them.

Remember, the key to styling an extra-long denim skirt is to balance out the proportions of your outfit. Opt for fitted tops to create a flattering silhouette and play around with different textures and accessories to add interest to your look.

Looking for a really long denim skirt to tap into the maxi jeans skirt craze? Here’s my honest GRLFRND long denim skirt review from Revolve. Black long denim skirt paired with neutral colored leather corset and feather high heels.


Choosing the ideal denim skirt might be difficult, but these pointers can make it easier for you to do so:

  1. Consider the fit: To get the ideal fit for your body type, try on a variety of sizes and styles when looking for a denim skirt. Choose a skirt that highlights your best features and emphasizes your curves. Consider the length and the shape of the skirt, whether you want a fitted or a more relaxed style.
  2. Choose the right wash: Denim skirts come in a variety of washes, from light to dark. Consider your personal style and the occasion when choosing a wash. Dark washes are generally more formal, while lighter washes are perfect for casual and summer looks.
  3. Look for quality: Invest in a high-quality denim skirt that will last you for years to come. Look for skirts made from durable materials and with well-made seams and stitching. A well-made denim skirt will hold its shape and color after multiple washes.
  4. Consider the details: Look for denim skirts with unique details, such as buttons, zippers, pockets, or embroidery. These details can add interest and personality to your outfit.
  5. Try different styles: Don’t be afraid to try different styles of denim skirts, such as A-line, pencil, or maxi. You might be surprised by what looks best on you.

Keep in mind that the ideal long denim skirt should make you feel confident and at ease. When looking for an extra-long denim skirt, keep these suggestions in mind so you can choose one that complements your sense of style and personality.

If you are a jeans lover, you can find also my review about GRLFND Jeans useful.


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