Girlfriends, trips and a cabrio VW Beetle

by Jenny

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blue lake Faaker See Austria
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Hi, there! A couple of months ago my previous car needed a huge service and I decided to change it for another one instead of repairing it. Upon discussion with my husband I said to him just for fun that this time I needed a cabrio and we laughed. A couple of days later he sent me a link of a black cabriolet Volkswagen Beetle sold in our area. That was it! I immediately fell in love with it! Since the day I got it, I was smiling during driving the whole time. I had a perfect summer and one of the reasons was also this car. It gave me so many happy moments! It is the first time actually that a car makes me happy and I am so glad I chose it. What is happiness after all? All these small moments that make us smile. : )

So, here are some photos we took in August, during my friend from Greece visited me here in Austria. We took some fun photos with the car and then we drove to a blue lake around here to rent a boat and enjoy the sun and the blue waters. Unfortunately it was a Sunday and since we hadn’t thought of making a reservation, there was only one boat available and only for 50 minutes. However, we decided to take this chance and rent it because we wanted to enjoy this experience, even if we hadn’t time to dive in the blue waters from the boat. Even a bee that stung me the minute I walked on that boat wasn’t enough to hold me behind .. haha. It was really beautiful and I am really proud of having this lake in our area. After we brought back the boat, we went to the public beach area of the lake for a swim. If you ever come in Carinthia don’t forget to visit Faaker See. There are so many events around Faaker See, with one of them being the European Bike Week, during which thousands of Harley Davidson motorcycles visit the area for a whole week, concerts being held and much more.

Anyway, the weather so far in September is perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better autumn. After some rainy days in the beginning of the month, now it’s sunny every day and we still hang around with summer clothes. So far it seems like the whole month will go on like this. Nice!

The dress I am wearing is from Mango and is currently in sales! A white dress like this can be combined in so many ways! I have paired it with at least 4 different kinds of shoes and it is actually wearable 3 out of 4 seasons of the year. So hurry up…

That was all for today. Have fun!
Love, Jenny. x

Dress: Mango
Hat: Mango

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