Leather Trend – Loose-fitting, Cargo & Slouchy Trousers

by Jenny

One of the biggest trends for this fall and winter that goes on through spring and summer is the leather trend and specifically faux leather. Above all, I am especially in love with the loose-fitting versions of trousers, like jogging, cargo, and slouchy leather trousers. Love the way they can be combined for different dressing styles, for example with sneakers and a blazer for a more edgy look or with heels for a more polished look.


Some of my favorite leather trousers right now are these:

Anzeige/ad | Adlinks included


Lately, I have a thing with oversized blazers, that I find myself making occasional raids on my husband’s wardrobe. More specifically, I like the way leather jogging trousers pair with an oversized blazer, which adds a slightly more polished element to an otherwise totally casual look.


Last but not least, a special side note for the Air Force Ones. White Air Force Ones are classic and match very well with a huge variation of outfits. However black Air Force Ones are my everyday go-to choice and most importantly, black doesn’t get dirty. I also love the beige color of this Furla Metropolis bag, which appears very slightly pinkish in reality. It’s a great color for all seasons and looks also perfect in beige monochrome ensembles.

How do you find the leather trend? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Jenny. x

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1 comment

Ermioni 16/11/2019 - 16:53

What a lovely outfit !!! I’m in love with leather pants too , Just like the ones you put. The combination of leather pants with sneakers and blazers is great , I do very often !!!