Pink satin in the nature

by Jenny

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satin dress outifit idea
satin dress outifit idea
satin dress outifit idea

Hi, there! Another photo of me in the nature! So, I have to admit something today! In the beginning when we started to shoot outfits professionally I was jealous of bloggers who live at big cities. As crazy as it sounds, I was looking at photos of bloggers crossing streets, sitting comfortably on pavements, or standing in front of monotonic grey buildings at their photos and I was jealous! I was looking around and the only background that I had available for photos was always …green. I mean… ok, there is the street … but then right and left there is only green, no pavement. You can’t sit down in the middle of a street, can you? So, I began desperately to search some urban city environment for my photos, because people always want what they don’t have, don’t they?! The closest towns to us are 10 minutes drive from here and these are Villach to one direction and Velden to the other direction. I went there and searched and searched. BUT … there is literally NO comparison between real big cities, like for example Berlin where so many bloggers live, and towns like Villach… I struggled to find a spot with no green inside just in order to have a more urban background for my photos!! I have no idea why the hell I was doing that.

Some day I called a very good girlfriend of me and I told her my ‘problem’. To my surprise she said to me that she was bored and tired of seeing street style photos in cities all around Instagram and that what she did like about my photos, was exactly the fact that she was seeing me in different places, in the nature, in the forests, at mountains, lakes. Her respond got me thinking and soon I realized that the place I live is exactly what made my photos different. And after all, this is my life style now, because hell yes, there is a lake right next to my home, where I can swim whenever I like! And because 5 minutes drive from my home there is the bluest lake I’ve ever swum in my life (Faaker See)! And because 10 minutes from here there is a small touristic town on the shores of the lake Wörthersee, called Velden, that has the best summer events and night life and even water sports. And when the summer is over and the tourists are gone, there will always be the lake left behind for me to enjoy a quiet private walk and drink a coffee next to it until the next summer fuzzy period. And it doesn’t matter that there is not much grey here, because I love living in the nature, but I also love traveling and I can always arrange a weekend trip to some city whenever I miss it. As I had posted some time ago under a photo of me in Instagram: ‘I live in a town, where traffic jam is 5 cars behind a tractor… but I love it…’. So, not to mention it guys, but you ‘re gonna see lots of nature photos of me in the future : ).

So, here I am in the nature, wearing a pink satin dress I found at Zara during the summer sales period. Actually, the whole outfit I am wearing is a total Zara look, of course not available any more, but I tried to find and link for you similar pieces. Hope you like them!

Love <3, Jenny

Dress (similar): Asos Choice 1, Asos Choice 2, Asos Choice 3, Asos Choice 4, Asos Choice 5
Flat shoes (similar): Mango, Topshop, Asos 1, Asos 2, Asos 3, Asos 4
Bag (similar): Zara

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Ermioni 31/08/2019 - 10:38

you are so lucky to have these beautiful places next to your home, it is better to live in nature !! the lake you are writing about i want so much to see it and take a dive !! your dress is gorgeous, it’s made for you !! ❤️

Jenny 03/09/2019 - 21:15

I hope I will soon write a post with photos of the lake! Thank you so much!! <3

Katerina Zarri 12/09/2019 - 20:57