GRLFRND Jeans Review – What I Am Buying from Revolve This June

by Jenny

I may have been seen a lot in my distressed vintage jeans, especially on Instagram : ) … but I think the importance of having a classic, good-quality pair of jeans in your wardrobe is imperative. There are one particular brand’s jeans I have been eyeing for a long time at Revolve’s e-shop for the great fit they seem to have: GRLFRND. After finally trying them and living in them for some weeks now, I can give you my objective GRLFRND jeans review.

**Disclaimer: This post is sponsored, but all the views and opinions expressed in it are purely my own.**

From the first time I put them on after I received the order, they felt surprisingly soft, not too stretchy, not too loose, not skinny and uncomfortable, but keeping their ‘slim fit’ promise as they ought to.

With the time, I felt like the fit was getting even better each time I wore them. 

But after I took some photos for the blog and I saw them for good on my computer, I said ‘wow’ … I am blown away from the fit…

The exact pair I am wearing here is the Piper Super High Rise Slim that I found at Revolve.

GRLFRND jeans review - lace bodysuit - flat sandals
GRLFRND jeans review - summer outfit


1. The ‘classic denim’ look with the slightly faded details. This is the kind of denim that you can easily dress up with a blazer or a suit jacket and look sleek. I didn’t want the jeans to be ripped or distressed or too much faded.

2. The cropped length. I am a true fan of this length. It looks flattering with almost any pair of shoes: lace-up sandals, high-heeled sandals, sneakers. My choice this time is flat sandals, a bit chunky but minimal. I find wearing flat sandals with blazers and suits really refreshing as of late. I love how they dress down the white blazer and give an everyday fresh and chic city look to the outfit. Note that if you are petit, these jeans are not going to look as cropped as on me. 

3. The high waist. It looks super flattering and fits the whole belly and waist in it, not leftovers here and there. 🙂

4. The really high-quality denim. Though slim fit, it is so soft that gets completely the shape of your body after wearing it a couple of times. Absolutely comfortable also around the knees while moving, easily stretched and lived-in.

GRLFRND jeans review - minimal summer outfit


I really haven’t found any downside, except maybe for the fact that they are a bit pricey.

But these are jeans you will be wearing with your good blazers and suit jackets, so if you can afford them, they won’t disappoint you.

GRLFRND jeans review - jeans - white blazer - flat sandals
GRLFRND jeans review - minimal and chic summer outfit

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GRLFRND jeans review - how to find your size when buying jeans online

There are three things I am looking for when buying online pieces difficult at sizes, such as trousers, jeans, and co.

1. Product reviews from buyers

Many e-shops, such as Revolve, provide buyers reviews on the products, which I always find extremely useful. If you are lucky, you will find a girl that has about the same body type and height as you, and they will tell you exactly which size they bought to have the perfect fit. 

2. Height and size of the model

Not only the exact size the model is wearing, but also the model’s height is essential. Some e-shops unfortunately do not give info about the height of the model, which is very very impractical. The size info is useless without knowing the height of the person wearing it. That is why I am almost exclusively buying only from e-shops that provide the height of the model. It keeps the annoying returns at a low level and me satisfied with my choices! Tip: Even when I have the exact same height as the model, I find that buying a size up fits me better. Models are usually very thin!

3. Google-it

Sometimes there are no reviews or they are not enlightening. What I do is to google by using the exact model of the jeans, plus the word ‘reviews’… the results that come up will usually include reviews from other retailers, bloggers, sometimes about the exact model, or they will lead me to another e-shop where the height of the model is provided 🙂 You may also find info about the brand’s fitting in general, which is very useful. In my case, this is what I did to double-check the size before I order and I ended up with a 29 (1.80 cm tall) in the Laurel Canyon color, which was a total success.


GRLFRND jeans review - lace satin bodysuit

When it comes to styling tops with bottoms, my golden rule is tight top + loose bottom or tight bottom + loose top.

This relaxed fit satin bodysuit with the lace details I discovered at Revolve looks perfect paired with slim fit jeans.

A must-have no-brainer for me, I really love such simple but essential items in my wardrobe. 

GRLFRND jeans review
Sharone Lace Satin Bodysuit
GRLFRND jeans review - simple summer outfit


Here is what else I saved on my Revolve favourites list: 🙂

Best wishes,


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ERMIONI 29/06/2021 - 08:13

Πολύ βοηθητικό το άρθρο σου , ειδικά τα τιπς για το σωστό νούμερο! Οι φωτογραφίες σου είναι απίθανες και ο συνδιασμος με το λευκό σακάκι εξαιρετικός! Υγ. Λάτρεψα και το κορμάκι!!!!!!!!

Jenny 30/06/2021 - 09:52

Glad you liked it, Ermioni! Thank you!