The Easiest Way To Make your Outfit Turn Heads: Open Back

by Jenny

One of my major weaknesses when shopping is open back tops. An exposed back or some exposed shoulders is one of the sexiest ways to show off some skin and personally, I consider a low backless top exactly as sexy as a deep V-neck top -if not sexier. Therefore, details like open backs, but also cut-out designs, and puff shoulders or balloon sleeves will always catch my eye when scrolling through my favorite e-shops.


This is obviously why I instantly fell in love with this cropped black satin top, which seems to combine almost everything that I love. I discovered it during my last Na-kd shopping haul just before the virus crisis arises and had not yet the chance to wear it for an evening out. It is made of a very pleasant to-the-skin satin garment and has the perfect dramatic sleeves, plus a sexy back and a very cute bow.

The Easiest Way To Make your Outfit Turn Heads


One of the best-fitting jeans in my wardrobe currently is this perfect pair of mom’s jeans. They are as high-waisted as needed and they flatter the body so much, but what I mostly like about them is the cut-out at the low back. I love getting attention with unexpected cuts like this.

The Easiest Way To Make your Outfit Turn Heads


To break the total black outfit I really needed these glossy white ankle booties. I found them a couple of months ago and they instantly freshen up every outfit.

Anzeige/ad | Adlinks included

The Easiest Way To Make your Outfit Turn Heads

Traditionally, when I want to relax and forget everything I scroll through the new items at my favorite e-shops and this is exactly what I do during this period as well. Sometimes I even force myself to do this instead of reading the news.

Scrolling and seeing all the clothes I would have normally enjoyed outside of this situation makes me dream of better days to come. That’s why I have made a new section on my blog under the name Boutique, where I will be sharing all my cute recent shopping finds with you.

The Easiest Way To Make your Outfit Turn Heads

And don’t forget: It’s also ok to dress just for each other and enjoy a glass of wine at home 🍷.


Top: NA-KD
Ankle Boots: EVEN & ODD
Jeans: Asos Older Season


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Κατερίνα Ζ. 30/03/2020 - 11:38

Πόσο υπέροχα σικάτες είναι οι μπλούζες με ανοιχτή πλάτη!!!! Και με το δικό σου κορμί όλα δείχνουν τέλεια!!!!

Jenny 31/03/2020 - 12:34

Όλες οι πλάτες είναι γοητευτικές, ας νιώθουμε άνετα με το κορμί μας, όποιο και αν έχουμε! <3

Ermioni 30/03/2020 - 13:04

i still remember when you ordered this denim !!!! fits you perfectly and in combination with this blouse is great !!!! i will listen to your advice and will continue to search for my favorite sites for beautiful clothes too !!!

Jenny 31/03/2020 - 12:36

It was the best and still fits! Yes, try to forget the news for some days.