by Jenny
The time of white dresses is officially here. Keep reading to have a taste of the most beautiful voluminous, romantic, and broderie white dresses for spring and summer 2020, at super affordable prices, many of which are only under 30 €. White dress, spring, Rubber boots, lilac.

I’m currently based in Austria, although my origins trace back to Greece, specifically Thessaloniki. As a passionate fashion blogger and owner of an online fashion shop, I bring a blend of cultural influences to my work. Despite the challenges of raising three toddlers, I pursued my education with determination, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in computer science in Greece and a Master’s in Information Technology with a specialization in Media Engineering in Austria, achieving distinction. In the past, I’ve thrived as a self-employed video editor. My enthusiasm for photography, videography, and creativity is rivaled only by my passion for merging my technical expertise with my artistic flair, culminating in the world of fashion.

My aspiration is to expand my fashion e-shop, empowering women to curate their wardrobes with meticulously crafted, high-quality garments. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our collection, with an impressive 95% of our offerings proudly manufactured in Europe. We are staunch advocates of the slow fashion movement, steadfastly opposing overconsumption. Beyond clothing, we’re devoted to inspiring conscious choices in every aspect of life, nurturing a sustainable mindset that harmonizes with our values.

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