by Jenny

Jenny was born in Greece and is one of the few people combining an analytical mind with absolute creativity. Starting as a multimedia designer she continued with video editing and 3D animation. She soon discovered her passion for photography and videography. Through the diversity of professional experience she developed unique skills, which she enhanced with a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Master οf Media Engineering, while raising three wonderful kids.

Gerd was born in Austria and worked in the field of web design. His life travel led him to Greece, were he lived for 11 years and met Jenny. He was soon deeply enchanted by her skills on digital media and discovered his own talent on photography and videography. They merged their skills and founded together their own company.

Since 2012 Jenny and Gerd are located in Villach, Austria with their three kids. They continue to learn, evolve, create and share their passion through their social media appearance and the Jennysgou blog, where they only feature high-quality photographs and high-standard collaborations.

Instagram: @jennysgou